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  • Case Study » Toni&Guy
  • Case Study » Toni&Guy
  • Case Study » Toni&Guy
  • Case Study » Toni&Guy
  • Case Study » Toni&Guy
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Keeping Toni&Guy in the forefront of innovation and originality

Our brief was to upgrade the company website, to create something innovative and original, in keeping with the Toni&Guy style, and extend it into other channels. Simply, make it big!


Great style starts with a great cut

We created a stunning interactive web presentation and made a supplementary interactive window display. Online users and passers-by could interact with one of three models by moving their mouse or via Microsoft Kinect and easily explore the perfection of a great haircut and sophisticated styling: the beauty of hair.

Case Study » Toni&Guy - Interactive website

Interactive website

By combining Toni&Guy's passion for hair with our passion for design, we managed to come up with a beautiful, interactive website where the users can play with the models' hair just by moving their cursor. The idea was to show a wide variety of styles from one haircut and at the same time have fun, which we succeeded in doing.

Case Study » Toni&Guy - Interactive window display

Interactive window display

To expose more people to the website concept, we wanted to show in public how easy it is to play with the hairstyles, almost like styling your own hair. To do this, we chose to use Microsoft Kinect technology in an interactive window display. Just by walking past the window, people would make the models’ hair change and instantly see the results. The moving models surprised the passers by and had a great visual impact.


Pioneering hair style, pioneering interactive presence

We caught the attention of the media as well as people in the streets and once again confirmed the reputation of Toni&Guy as a trend setting and stylish hair studio. The traffic on the site boosted!

  • Highlights

    • 77.6%

      Growth of unique visitors

    • 100+

      Used pictures of each model

    • 3x3x3

      Hours spent on styling

  • Technologies

    • Adobe Flash
    • Microsoft Kinect