Show the best through e-mailing



Better to be opened than deleted

Vodafone e-mailing communication dealt with lower values of open-rate, click-rate and deliverability. Offers through all segments – consumers, business and leads – were not as effective as client would expected and eye camera testing pointed out to not exactly well suited templates.


Brilliant synergy of copywriting, design and databases

It was essential to improve all the templates. We changed the structure and layout according to results of eye camera testing for better and faster understanding and higher click-rate.

We optimized sending time as well and started to send
e-mails in the time when users usually open their mailboxes. For satisfying open-rate, more creative and
call-to-action subjectlines are necessary. We improved them due to A/B testing.
Finally the databases needed to be cleaned and
thorough processed in order that e-mails reach the right users.



Noticeable increase of deliverability and open-rate

Both creative and technical solution led to higher click-rate and open-rate value. Thanks to inventive work with databases we have also increased the deliverability. Now we are sending personalised and interesting e-mails that are mostly opened and hoping to be read as well.

  • Highlights

    • 16.5 mio.

      e-mails sent

    • 99 %


    • 69 %

      increase of open rate

    • 43 %

      increase of click rate