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Happy b-day, Czech Republic!

The 1st of January 2013 marked exactly 20 years since the foundation of the Czech Republic. Czech Radio wanted to remind the Czech people that they have been there the whole time, providing news on everything worthwhile as well as highlights of the last 20 years. At the same time it was important to raise Czech Radio’s brand awareness and to engage its listeners between 10-11 am when people usually don’t listen to the radio.


Roses are red, violets are blue… Moments are golden!

To show that we haven’t only shared corruption scandals and political crises, the image campaign Golden moments built on all the moments we can be proud of. For 23 days, 23 themes of Czech achievements were set – achievements from science, culture, business and sport were continuously added to the campaign site. With the claim “Golden moments of all of us, a golden brick to one of you,” we created a knowledge contest called Golden moments. Every day a relevant and interesting guest came to the Radio to talk about the theme of the day. Every day a new quiz question was set, so that every listener could send an SMS and get to the contest semi-final. The Big Final was held live on the 23rd of December – on Golden Sunday. Congrats to the winners, apart from other prizes like a brand new car, the best got a real golden brick!

Pulling it all together: web, social media, TV, radio, outdoor, print

We were spreading Czech pride along with our golden Key Visual through many channels. Furthermore, we encouraged the listeners to share their own golden moments in a campaign Facebook App where they could win an e-reader. We managed in a short time to put together an integrated communication across all channels. Our golden moment was to be part of the celebrations. All of us realized that there really are many things for Czechs to be proud of, and none of them should be forgotten.


It feels good to be Czech

Our fully integrated campaign engaged many people and stirred a discussion about our national gold. True wealth always consists in gratitude for who we are, what we have and where we live.

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